3 Simple Habits That Transformed My Chaotic Life

Recently, I thoroughly examined how I had been doing for the past three months. I wasn’t earning better, I hadn’t owned the things I wanted to own, and I wasn’t travelling like I used to travel or celebrating weekends like I used to celebrate; in fact, I was mostly locked inside my house because of the pandemic. There wasn’t any notable progress in my wealth, neither any surprising event happened. But my life had been transformed.

Whenever we try to define success, we relate it with our accomplishment in achieving things such as wealth, possession etc. We compare ourselves with other people and try to find satisfaction in overtaking them in terms of material gains. A wise man had once told me that people spend more time worrying about other’s lives than building their own. That’s why the world is full of complaint, dissatisfaction, greed, and envy. But it’s your world, and it depends on how you manage it. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do by changing myself.

Last week marked the third month since I welcomed new habits in my everyday life. Let me explain the three simple things that transformed my life in a short period.

1. Routine and discipline

During my school days, I used to think the daily routine that I had to follow strictly was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Being forced to follow the routine and discipline wasn’t pleasant at all. But I managed to graduate with good grades at the end. Since then, my life hadn’t been as disciplined and as managed.

There are several elements that make our everyday. Following a routine and being disciplined is all about managing them. Failing to manage the everyday elements will result in the elements determining your future. But it’s you who should determine your future, isn’t it?

Following the right discipline and the proper routine has been like ‘disk defragmenting’ the system of my life. Think about a vast fast-moving warehouse – if you don’t manage all the items in perfect order, you will end up using a considerable amount of space, and it would take forever for you to access even the most evident item. We should manage the common elements of our life in the correct order if we want to run it smoothly.

We employ more effort and use more energy in our everyday life than we actually should. It results in stress, complains, and dissatisfaction. Using the right amount of energy, and either reserving or using the extra power in the things you love is the key to leading a complaint-free life. And it’s impossible to achieve without managing the common elements of your life correctly.

2. The Right Focus

If you ask yourself a question about how focused you are for your goals, your answer would probably be ‘a hundred per cent’. But if you scrutinise more, you’d probably find yourself engaging in more nonsense affairs than what’s actually needed to achieve your goals. We spend a substantial amount of our time thinking and acting on things that don’t make a difference in our lives.

I have started accessing only the right knowledge that I need to accomplish my goals. Doing so, I’ve noticed that I had been wasting more than fifty per cent of my creative time and energy, worrying about something that never mattered to me. My primary focus is to write great content for my clients and astound my audiences with creativity.

Switching your focus on the right thing from everything else will not only make your life better but also drive you forward to achieving your biggest goals. Achieving your goals, after all, is what’ll make you feel accomplished at the end of the day. Trust me! You’d prefer yourself to climb the highest mountain rather than the person you admire the most.

3. The Right Reaction

One of the most important things I’ve learned in recent months is that satisfaction with life greatly depends on how you react to your surrounding. A few months ago, I was extremely insecure about my career, and there won’t be a day I won’t get stressed at work – all because I was reacting to everything in the worst way possible.

With advice from great minds through their contributions, and after auditing my habits, I realised that the way I had been reacting to everything was crucial for making my life more confusing. It was feeding my brain with wrong information and building an insecure attitude towards life as a whole. I didn’t need to worry about my career because I had been doing it correctly for years. As a matter of fact, there had been more praises of my work than negative reviews. I didn’t need to stress at work because I had been giving my best from the beginning, and pushing harder wasn’t required. I’ll always have the freedom to choose what will keep me happy.

Instead of watching social media feed, I started meditating (trust me! Meditation works 100%), and instead of worrying, I started critically analysing the challenges. I have to confess, it’s tough to change the way you react to the elements that make your everyday life, but it’s worth training for it. Though I’m still not there, I’m already better off than what I was three months ago.

And The Result

With incorporating these changes in my life, I have at least placed myself in a better position to achieve my goals. My workload has doubled since, but I don’t stress anymore. I’ve been able to train my mind and my body on a routine that has made me healthier and more aware than yesterday, and I’ve been able to allocate more time for my family. Though it seems like nothing has changed, my life has transformed.

These are just the regular things we all know but don’t incorporate correctly in our lives. We let our mind run us, but fail to run it appropriately. Now, I seem to be convinced with the statement: “You need the right focus and the right discipline to be successful, and you should react appropriately to the elements of your life to lead it happily.”

What do you think?

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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