COVID-19: The Perfect Opportunity To Thrive

As the media and the public started demanding for the lockdown as one of the immediate measures to fight against COVID-19, the term ‘lockdown’ in itself became political. The word, for being referred by someone else before himself, was not well received by the egoist prime minister. So he kept ignoring doing anything that would prepare the nation for the fight against the unknown enemy.

Slowly, the new and unknown enemy to the humankind started obliterating even the best-equipped countries from abroad, and there was no chance the tiny little poor state would be able to fight against it effectively. The rage in public started to grow for seeing no preparation from the government. Hopeless cursed themselves for voting for the ignorant but professionally corrupt people. 

As the virus came closer to the borders, the pressure to do at least something mounted on the Government. And the cabinet meeting to plan a fight against the invisible enemy was scheduled.

“We can’t go for a lockdown, because if we do, it’ll be taken as our party’s defeat all over the media. They will do the victory lap for making us do it. We can’t let our enemies win. Not on this one, at least.” The prime minister started his speech with the concern about his ego. He directed the cabinet members to invent a new method for the preparation, but not the most effective one that had been already successfully tested abroad. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming number supported the views of the corrupt old man.  

The cabinet wasn’t, however, full of fools. Very few members argued that an immediate lockdown was necessary, for there was no hope should the virus enter the borders. But the smart ones were laughed and shouted at for their stupid suggestion, and even accused of siding with the enemies. In the group of the most influential people of the nation, minorities were the ones who knew a few things and could think critically. So they cut short their speech and took their seat with a hopeless mindset. 

After five hours of discussion, the right hand of the prime minister, also known as the captain, turned his microphone on to speak. At first, he bashed the opposition, media, and the enemies of the government. Then after fifteen minutes of speech, he dropped a surprise bomb. 

“Gentlemen, doesn’t matter whatever the issue is right now, we should opt for an immediate lockdown,” he said. 

The hall immediately resonated with the noise of boos from almost forty people. The prime minister was taken by surprise, but he calmly requested everyone to keep quiet. The herd of pigs calmed down immediately. 

“You must be worried that the lockdown will bring down the economy and, we’ll be out of income,” he continued, “but we won’t get a better chance than this. Think about it.”

A light of hope showed in the face of some of the smart minorities. One of them interrupted the Captain: 

“There’s no better time than this to prove our countrymen that we are actually here for them. If we plan beforehand, we’ll be able to save all our people from the infection.” 

“Please, let me finish,” the captain exclaimed. “Our countrymen are pigs, my friend, we don’t need to work for them to please them, we’ll just throw them some bones during the election.” 

The silent room was again echoed noise; this time with laughter. The prime minister, from the highest chair in the centre of the meeting hall, gestured for silence again. The herd of pigs calmed down immediately, again. 

“Our country lacks medical equipment and medicines,” the captain continued “We need a lot of those and it would cost billions of dollars. What’s wrong if the economy shuts down? What’s wrong if infrastructure contracts cease for a while? We’ll never be able to divide this sum of capital among us if it wasn’t the right time. One billion dollar worth of medicine and equipment valued at ten billion dollars. Think about it, my fellow ministers.

I’ve been working on it for a few weeks, gentlemen. I’ve prepared the criteria of quotation that only fits our business allies after a detailed discussion with them, of course. Everything is ready to roll immediately. All I need is the approval of the cabinet.” The captain put forward a deal no one, not even the smart ones, would deny.  

“What about the public, the opposition, and the media? There will be people on the street with even the slightest smell of our plan,” one of the ministers exclaimed. 

“That’s why we need an immediate lockdown, effective from the midnight,” the captain answered with a smile. 

All the pigs, including the head pig, gave him a standing ovation, cheering with joy on the process. 

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