There’s Always A Villain In Every Stage Of Your Life. Just Face them.

Last week, I was on a virtual get-together with my old pals, and one of my childhood friends, who thinks he hasn’t been able to do anything productive in his life, said out of despair that he would have accomplished so much if only there were not as many villains in different stages of his life. His words about the ‘villains’ kept me thinking till this day. And I now realize it’s not just him who’s had villains in various stages of life, we all do.

Have you ever sit back and considered analyzing different people who you don’t like or who don’t like you; who disagree with your every point of view, or contributed in failing you? Whether you are aware or not, there’s always someone in your life who you are not fond of. But they are not the people you should worry about. Instead, you should face them and thank them for bringing challenges in your life and helping you overcome them.

The negative characters enter our lives from the childhood. In the beginning, they make their presence in other circles that you don’t have to deal with more often. Whether it’s a bully from another group or your childhood nemesis, they don’t make your life as miserable. But as you grow up and start running your own world, your antagonists start to show up in closer circles. And if you are unfortunate, you’ll wake up one day to know that you had been spending the most crucial times of your life with the people who have been dragging you behind.

The co-worker that treats you like shit, the lazy business partner who parties all the time with your money but refuses to work the way you are working, a friend in your circle that disrespects women and labels you ‘a pussy’ when you advise him to treat women nicely, your colleague who thinks he’s always right and berates you if you disagree with him—we all have at least one of the above people around us, and we don’t enjoy even a second of their company, do we?

But the question is, are they actually the real-life villains? the scumbags who’d rob you if given half a chance? No. They are actually us. And sadly, you sure are a villain in someone else’s life at a given time.

There are many reasons you detest someone: you may not like a person from the first sight, or you may not like the way someone talks. You may even hate someone for politically disagreeing with you. You’ll keep facing the antagonists in your story till you have a perception and a desire to walk on your own road because it’s you who creates the villains. It’s your ego that makes you despise the way others do things, it’s your failure to confront people who treat you like shit that create people who treat your like shit, and it’s your failed leadership that doesn’t motivate your colleagues to work harder. With all that said, I don’t mean there aren’t people in your life who want you to fail. There are plenty of such people. Just identify them and kick them out of your story.

Try to manage your villains: confront the loudmouths who treat you like shit, warn the lazy pieces of shits about the consequences of not working correctly, and just kick the scumbags—who you aren’t fond of hanging around with—out of your life. And see what difference it will make in your life. Most villains of your life are here to make your life better. Face them to improve your life, and thank them later. It’s always better doing things correctly than failing and finding someone to blame for your failure.

As far as my complaining friend is concerned, he’s doing better than most of us financially. But he’ll never be as contented as most of us until he starts managing the villains of his life.

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