Your Job Is To Take It From Where The Experts Give Up. Seriously!

Listening to a lot of people is an amazing part of a writer’s job (especially in digital marketing). No matter whom you hear from—the ones who only point out the errors, the ones who suggest possible solutions, the ones who subtly tell you what they want (insisting it’s what the audience wants), and the ones who agree with your words—it’s always great to hear from more people. And it will bring excellent results if you receive all those comments from a professional perspective. But knowing why you’re writing is a different level game. So what actually is a writer’s job in business today?

I had a brief chat with one of my mentors this morning. We discussed the importance of writers in modern-day marketing. He’s been a bit occupied these days, guiding more young people who are very much interested in launching a writing career. He’s been guiding me and observing my change for almost seven years now. Therefore, he’s absolutely interested in hearing my opinion about things related to writing. So he asked me how I define modern writing.

“The pieces that help, maybe?” I answered as I could somehow relate that to my profession. In my opinion, a true writer (at least in the digital marketing industry) writes to help everyone— businesses (to grow), their customers (to solve their tiny problems), knowledge seekers, and other marketers.

“We pick from where experts fail,” he said and highlighted one of the fields where Einstein didn’t do good.

Yes! I didn’t know one of the greatest brains of all times sucked at teaching. But then I realized: those who can do, often can’t teach. Writing is somewhat similar to teaching these days.

Not all experts can communicate their ideas to the audience perfectly. And it’s where they need someone who can do it for them. “That’s what I think modern writing is about,” the funny old man said.

There are many incredible ideas out there, and there’s a simple way to share them with the world. To succeed, however, they should be unfolded, simplified, and arranged so well that people understand what they’re about. Excellent writers can help bring ideas to life. Therefore, knowing why you are writing is crucial.

It was a productive morning that helped me analyze the importance of writing from another perspective. Understanding an idea is crucial, and equally crucial is presenting it understandably.

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