Being honest doesn’t mean being boring (and it’s the marketing in 2021)

Marketing experts these days commonly tell you to be honest with your story for successful content marketing, and I know you won’t be surprised because you’ve heard it for quite a while. You’re right! Honesty is common in content marketing today. But why? Simply because you’d more likely trade with honest businesses though they may or may not rank in the top half of the SERP (if you aren’t open to regretting your purchasing decisions later).

Whether it’s the enterprises that justify their overpriced products or the companies that clearly define the type of customers they serve, we love to hear from honest businesses before we want to make a purchasing decision. Therefore, more business websites are transparent, and they want to address your queries as much as possible.

With that being said, I think honest content marketing, though, is essential, is not the edge as it used to be a decade ago. It’s one of the necessary ingredients of modern marketing you’ll definitely regret not including in your recipe. But it’s not the secret cheat code that’d get your shit done without sweating. Now that everyone knows honest content marketing works and everyone is on it, how to set yourself apart in the competition?

Try following a traditional formula of making things interesting.

Yesterday, while researching the most interesting marketing trends of 2021, I landed on an interesting webpage. There were various well-researched and well-written articles beneficial for marketers and writers, there were facts presented entertainingly, and the website was clear about its services and the audience (the marketers who want to get updated with the trend). The most interesting part, however, was the way things were written. It was so refreshing that I even read the pop-up that I usually find annoying.

Out of many honest offers, I happened to subscribe to a business that I had never heard of before, only because it was more appealing. And I said to myself, “honesty has always been the best policy, but effective storytelling rocks!”

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