Digital Marketing Terms Sticking Their Nose Into My Regular Affairs!

Having been involved in the digital marketing industry for quite some time, I’ve now started noticing a weird pattern. It’s nothing serious but rather hilarious that I’ve been unknowingly replacing common words with some digital marketing terms that I come across daily.

Well, here’s an example: Yesterday, I happened to meet the only female SEO I know. Does what I just said even make sense? I actually meant the only ‘female CEO’ I know. Similarly, a few weeks ago, I suggested one of my doctor friends to wear PPC at work carefully. To his cackle, I meant PPE, not PPC. 

It’s commonly weird when you confuse certain regular words with totally unrelatable terms. Some people (who don’t know you well) may observe you as an idiot or someone with zero knowledge trying too hard to look smart. However, I think it’s something I should celebrate because no other work has impacted my life like this before, but some activities I went mad for in the past have. 

There was a time when I’d spend more than five hours playing chess every day. And when I wasn’t playing chess, I’d observe things from the chess perspective. I’d move objects in my brain like chess pieces and draw virtual boards (or boxes drawing a move). It was nothing strategic or inspiring, but my brain was just used to and very fond of what I enjoyed the most. Therefore, it had formed a pattern of that activity through which I would observe things. It wasn’t posing a threat to my creative abilities, nor it was affecting my regular affairs. It was how it was. 

Not just chess but other activities, such as boxing, singing, and illustrating — though most did not transform my life the way I thought they would — had similarly occupied my brain at different times.   

In contrast, none of my professional activities, whether it be waiting tables, accounting, pitching a product or service to the prospects or clients or managing advert calendars, ever occupied my brain that way. I’d just forget my professional activities outside of work hours. 

But this one is different. These days, my professional environment is making a subtle presence in my brain. Although my mind doesn’t observe things from a digital marketing perspective as it did during the ‘great chess era’, time and again, it reminds me (and people around me) of what I do for a living.  

Well, I’ve heard somewhere that when you consistently dedicate your time to something you enjoy, it’ll make its presence in your mind so profoundly that it’s always there with you no matter what you do. So what does it mean? Maybe I’m enjoying what I do. I know I love writing, creating stories, and bringing them to life through visual arts. But I’m still not 100% sure if I love digital marketing. It may also sound a bit bizarre to say I love digital marketing. Anyways, I don’t care. 

I’m a writer (not a very good one), and I want to progress further in writing. My professional writing has everything to do with digital marketing. Therefore, I have a genuine connection with it. Now, I’ve started loving these terms poking their nose into my regular affairs because I want them to produce better results for me. I sometimes ponder if only I had identified this pattern correctly in the past and acted accordingly. Nevermind!

These days, I’m more careful with my words. I try to correct them instantly whenever I notice digital marketing terms replacing general words. But I can’t help repeating things that don’t make sense.  

I want the painting placed on the wall above the fold.

Cut your bounce rate and aim for the (basketball) ring.     

Give me some ad space (to sit), will you? 

You talk spam. 

Have you been feeling the same way? Feel free to share if a similar pattern is bothering your mind. Who knows, it may transform your life for good.

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