Ranking On Google And Growing Your Business Is A Whole New Level Game Today

(A brief marketing guide and advice to the new generation of businesspeople)

When Marcus Sheridan invented a golden method to rescue his business, the whole concept of marketing was different. It was the late 2000s’ and content marketing wasn’t a mainstream thing. The new concept had worked exceptionally well for Marcus. It had not just pulled his crumbling business back on track but contributed to change the face of future marketing. Marcus was one of the early adaptors of inbound marketing.   

Answering the customers’ questions through his content had amazingly worked for Marcus’ business and later established him as a world-renowned media guru. Today, understanding the customers and answering their possible queries is one of the crucial rules of thumb for every content marketing strategy, no matter the industry. 

Hence, the question arises: is identifying and answering your customer’s questions enough to put your business ahead of your competitors? Certainly not. Further, it’s almost impossible to grab the top spot in a short time without a massive investment if you are starting a new business in a high competition industry — it’s been almost a decade since businesses have been producing content for their customers. As a matter of fact, everyone is doing it today.

So is content marketing is dead? Certainly not! It has just become more competitive than ever. Therefore, you need to invest more and put more effort than ever to achieve your marketing goals. It’s still a reliable and long-term marketing method of the future, unlike other methods, such as paid advertising on Google. We’ll discuss the future of paid advertising later. 

This blog aims to educate small businesses and the new generation of entrepreneurs still incorporating old marketing techniques. 

So, Let’s Talk Today’s Marketing

It’s been about three years since I switched 100% to Digital Marketing, and boy, oh boy! It’s nothing as challenging as I had expected. Working with digital agencies and understanding the new way of marketing was even more straightforward. Sometimes I think I should have nailed it earlier. But it’s okay! I love what I do. 

It’s 2021, and every business has an equal opportunity to be visible in front of their audience. Money has some advantages, but the time is nothing like when only big companies could capture the primetime spots to advertise their products or services. The whole business environment is different these days. Today, very few people have time to turn on the TV and wait for their favorite show. Young people are learning new skills and kicking off their entrepreneurial journey with minimum investment. And they are growing because they know where their customers are and what they want.

So what is today’s marketing? 

First of all, it’s Digital.  

Secondly, it’s the same! You plan a strategy to be visible in front of as many of your target customers as you can. But it’s slightly different because the customer has the upper hand; therefore, inbound marketing, meaning you create valuable content and experience for your audience, so they decide to do business with you. And this is where it matters the most. 

Let me put it simply: you need to put the words that your audience searches for on the internet in your content if you wish to be visible. These words are called keywords. Visibily is the first thing. Now, you have to gain their trust. Therefore, you’ll try to answer their questions (basically the keywords that they ask Google or other search engines) honestly. There is a race between businesses to grab the front page of the search engine results page for their keywords. That’s why everyone is hiring SEO Jedis and planning and stuffing keywords in their content like crazy. They are also creating valuable content to win the hearts of the audience during the process. For Beginners, SEO is rocket science because agencies put it that way. But it’s not. 

So What Is SEO In An Understandable Way, Then? 

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is all about finding the right keyword your audience is searching for on the internet and stuffing it in your content the right way. The more keywords you stuff and the more valuable your content is, it’s more likely to hang out on the first page of search engine results pages. Well, there are other factors, such as backlinks, that make you trustable to the big daddy (Google), but keywords are the most important things. We can have a whole night of discussion about keywords, but understanding SEO is pretty straightforward — not hard at all, as your marketing partners explain. You can master it in a week.

why has Marketing become more challenging than before?

Digital Marketing is challenging in the sense not that it’s not impossible for small businesses and young entrepreneurs to succeed but because it can take enormous time and resources to do it perfectly if you have a limited budget. Today, time moves faster than ever, and you don’t want to spend a year to receive your first order. 

On the other hand, agencies that help you achieve your marketing goals charge a crazy amount you can’t afford. Furthermore, small business owners and young entrepreneurs can’t compete with and beat those well-equipped digital marketing samurais in a short period. Trust me! I have been working with agencies for half a decade. 

But The Beauty Of It: You Can Nail It 

If you are a fighter, you can achieve your marketing goals. You can gain followers on your youtube channel (if you are a YouTuber), you can reach the right audience and grow your startup through your website, or you can sell your training materials to hundreds, even thousands of people, if you follow one of the following methods.

  • Learn digital marketing and SEO and apply them to your marketing strategy


  • Invest in the right tools (software)     

The first one may take you a while and cost a few bucks. But if you find the right software that can do everything for you, it’s like hiring an agency, but for free. Not exactly free, but you can take it as a bit of investment that will cost you less than what an agency charges for a day.  

There are many marketing tools in the market produced after years of research. However, to choose the right one for long-term success, you should understand where marketing is heading in the future. 

According to various studies, more people prefer watching videos to reading content. People actually opt for videos rather than articles that rank way higher. Therefore, it’s out of the question that video is the future of content marketing. 

But what about seo? Search engines only understand texts, and if you don’t include the right keywords, Google won’t rank you, isn’t it? Exactly. How about a system that identifies and stuffs the right amount of keywords on your content to please search engines so you won’t need to write thousands of words long content just to appear on the first page of SERP? And you can answer your audience with your video, hence better engagement since your audience prefers video over articles.

Is there a tool in the market that helps your video rank on the first page of SERP for your keywords? 

Yes, definitely. And I’ve just come across it. It’s Videly. It’s actually been a few months since my business partner and I have been using it. The results are excellent. 

Imagine investing in a tool that works better than your agency and costs a tiny fraction of their charge. 

Previously, I had mentioned that content marketing has become very competitive these days. If you want to beat the competition and focus on business and future planning rather than wasting time understanding how marketing works, you should partner with a machine that understands Google’s algorithms. 

Why Do I recommend Videly?

There’s a reason why initial adopters always end up doing better than the late ones. New methods and tools are most effective before they are famous. Once everyone is on it, there will be fierce competition, and once a groundbreaking tool won’t be as effective. 

When Marcus Sheridan began writing answers for the customers in his content, no one knew about inbound marketing. That’s why early adopters of this method did well. Content marketing wasn’t still a widely known topic for a few more years. Now, after more than a decade, everyone knows what content marketing is, and everyone’s in it. Growing business with the help of content marketing is more challenging than ever. But it’s still the most effective way. Don’t doubt it! 

So what’s the similarity here? Very few people know you can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with a simple tool. It’ll assist in making your content marketing strategy successful for a few years more. Once everyone is aware of this tool, there will be competition among creators, businesses, and marketers, and you’ll have to work harder or maybe find a new tool or a method for a successful outcome. 

Just because I have almost half a decade of Digital Marketing experience, various small businesses and young entrepreneurs ask me the secrets of successful digital marketing strategies. 

How can I grow my youtube channel’s audience?

What is the best content marketing strategy to grow my business? 

How can I rank my business on the first page of Google? 

How can I grow my business with content marketing? And so on and on and on… 

Well, I can answer them in various ways, but there is no correct answer. 

To be honest, the only aim of every marketing activity is to attract as many customers as possible and convert them. Anyone with the proper knowledge about customer behavior, search engines, keywords, Google algorithms can nail it. But it takes a whopping amount of time to learn these skills. Therefore, if you are a small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, you should focus more on planning and management. Scratching the surface of marketing is okay, but diving deep into it can cost you. However, if you want to build a career as a digital marketer, I encourage you to go for it. 

Investing in the right tool is best because it saves you time, money, and most importantly, works better than your marketing department or agency. 

In a month of installing Videly, we have already earned more than what we invested. 

The best thing about Videly is that you’ll get your money back if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you. 
So what’s keeping you from growing? Install Videly right away and make the most out of it. Even if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll at least learn how keywords and content marketing work for FREE!

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