Why you should opt for Micro jobs as a new freelancer

Becoming a freelancer and living the life your way may seem like a dream-come-true accomplishment. But achieving it can be as hard as landing any high-paying career, even harder in some cases. However, if you follow the right plan and take the proper steps wisely, you can do it. The question is, for how long do you want to suffer? Yes, if you don’t have a job for some reason and want to build a career freelancing, you’ll have to stay broke until you land your first gig. On top of that, there is no guarantee that you’ll have a regular income. 

So why not find an industry that never runs out of tasks instead? If you want to grow as a freelancer working from home, you may want to start freelancing in the micro-tasks industry initially. These days, you can actually make a comfortable living doing so.

There is an unlimited supply of online jobs in the form of micro jobs on the internet that you can complete and get paid right away. But you mustn’t just google online jobs but find a reliable channel that supplies unlimited jobs so you’ll have a reliable income doing so. 

Most demanded micro jobs on the internet that pay you immediately

You might be wondering if people who claim to make a living from internet jobs without any experience are actually telling the truth. They are! But only googling online jobs or how to work online or working from home won’t get you anywhere. Though various websites on the internet offer micro tasks, you’ll need to find a reliable platform to settle. Here is the list of various micro-tasks you can find on the internet:

  • Writing reviews

Positive reviews are crucial for businesses to win their customers’ trust. Sadly, not all new companies get customers’ reviews from the get-go. Therefore, they pay people to write reviews for them. You’ll be paid to write a positive review. 

  • Surveying

Surveys have been paying internet users for quite a while. But you must get a regular supply of unlimited survey jobs, so you have a steady income. For a reliable survey earning, sign up on a micro job website. These websites have unlimited survey jobs that you can choose from, finish, and get paid right away.

  • Sharing on social media

Influencers and companies pay you to post on social media because social shares play a crucial role in making a product or service visible to the targeted audience. Just sign up on a micro job website, pick a job, share the content on your social media and start earning. Of course, these gigs pay in cents, but you can make a fantastic amount upon completing a good number of tasks.

  • Watching YouTube videos

Youtubers are paying for their growth, and they pay people to watch their videos. You can earn up to a dollar watching a youtube video. All you need to do is sign up on a micro job site and start taking the task. Then, watch the video and post the proof as instructed. You’ll be paid. 

Why Micro-tasks Are The Best For New Freelancers

If you want to build a great career, you may not want to invest your whole life taking on micro-jobs. But it can be an excellent foundation for young people, at least in terms of a good financial backup. Micro jobs will provide you with a steady income to use for your own development or start an entrepreneurial journey. Here are four reasons why micro-jobs are best for young freelancers. 

1. No skills or qualifications needed 

The only skill or qualification you need for micro tasks is basic internet knowledge. For example, you can execute most of these tasks if you can do general search activities and navigate to sites. In addition, most micro-tasks require watching videos, writing reviews, taking surveys, and answering questions.

2. No need to apply once registered

Landing a high-paying freelance gig on big freelancing sites can be very painful for new freelancers. Since there are zillions of freelancers in popular freelance portals, most recruiters compare and select the most experienced freelancers from the applications they receive for their job. But you don’t need to apply for a freelance gig if it’s a microtask. On the right freelance portal, all you need to do is pick a task, finish it, show the evidence, and get paid. 

3. No task shortages

There is no problem finding a task and completing it if you opt for microtasks. There are more micro-tasks on the internet than the freelancers who complete them. Therefore, you won’t ever run out of tasks. 

4. Instant payment

Since micro tasks only take a few minutes and the procedures are pretty simple, you won’t have a problem finishing the job correctly and proving it to your recruiter. Furthermore, if you get hold of the right website, you’ll get paid on a simple procedure.   

The only Microjobs website I can recommend

I’ve been writing for internet entrepreneurs for a while. Therefore, I know a thing or two about making a steady income through the internet. But I don’t want to flood you with a never-ending list of different sites where you can make money. Out of a few dozen websites, I found Picoworkers the most effective and reliable platform for freelancers. It offers a neverending list of micro-jobs, and you can start working there immediately after you register. Additionally, the payment process is relatively straightforward, and you don’t need to worry a bit. But be careful! You can’t cheat on this platform or you’ll possibly be banned and lose an easy source of income.

So what are you waiting for? If you require money, start earning today with Picoworkers.   


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