Why do you need a website and not an extra pair of jeans?

I don’t know how many people agree with me on this, but I think a website keeps the potential to become one of the most valuable assets of any individual if it’s built, maintained, and operated fairly. Yes, only fairly!

Now you might argue

  • You are a financially settled professional; why would you need a website? or
  • You have accounts on all social platforms and an email address; why would you need a website? or
  • You need a job desperately, and the most important thing for you right now is to find a job. So why would you need a website? 

Why don’t you? 

A website is like your address — the physical address you need to do anything literally. It’s like your home, the home you can build the way you want without any restrictions. And most importantly, a website is the best investment you’ll ever make without investing much. You can mine gold out of your website if you keep working on it consistently. Therefore, you shouldn’t be asking why you need a website. You need a website for everything. I mean everything because it can transform your life.  

You have a hobby, and you want to document your minor works forever. Why not preserve them on your website? But, there’s more: your hobbies can earn you a decent amount if you share them with the world. Conversely, if you need to build a portfolio for your job interviews, you can document your works on your website and access them when you want to. It is a more effective way of gaining a recruiter’s trust. However, you aren’t even scratching the surface of what your website is capable of with these tiny benefits.

The digital revolution was never exclusively about businesses. But sadly, only businesses have been cashing the benefits of our digitized ways mostly. However, on a bright note, if you notice people who had boarded the digital train early, most of them are on the top today.    

A website is not just an essential business tool anymore; it never was. Therefore, now is the right time to build your own. It will take forever if I start talking about the benefits of a website to different individuals, but as I’m a recent example of people who have transformed their lives with the help of a website, I’d like you to know how it helped me. 

My little case study  

While on our last vacation, we were walking by the lake one day, and my wife and I happened to discuss the places people visit the most. First, we discussed the places that deal with heavy traffic for various purposes, such as tourism, opportunity, and more. Then we discussed the most valuable places on earth, only to dream where we would be if we had a tiny existence there. Then we figured out that we do have a presence in one of the most valuable places on earth — the internet! It’s where the highest number of people visit every day. Therefore, we just needed to revive and run the website. 

Even after promising to run it smoothly, I never gave my website the attention it deserved initially. I had a tense day job that’d suck all my energy and leave me with nothing but begging for rest at the end of the day. But as I promised, I allocated a tiny amount of time to at least add something to it. My updates then were just the “updates for the sake of an update,” nothing more, and I wasn’t expecting any positive result out of it.

It wasn’t until I quit my job after six months that I found my website was experiencing some traffic. More surprisingly, it had already started making me a few bucks. The minor updates and addition of content had brought some optimistic results. Instead of being delighted, I exclaimed, “Why didn’t I put the same level of effort — that I used to do for my employer — on my website?”     

For most of my life, I worked hard to help my employers run their websites with the content I produced. I had been helping them become rich while I was settling on tiny pieces only enough to fulfill my family’s basic needs. And my website was there all the time, staring at me, begging for more attention, silently telling me it can offer me a better life.  

Fast forward to the present day

For a while, my website has been helping me run my world. I would never be able to share my opinion with a broad audience, connect with this number of amazing people from different parts of the world, built my identity, and make a comfortable living from the comfort of my couch if it wasn’t for my website. It’s my portfolio, my address for the services I offer to businesses, and most importantly, an important platform to connect with like-minded people and express my views and experiences. And I get paid to do that (though it’s a tiny amount for now).    

So, where’s the connection between a website and a new pair of jeans?    

It’s the cost. It’s also a suggestion for you to make a suitable investment. I’ve seen many people who want to build a website but can’t because they think it’s too costly and time-consuming. It surprises me that we often don’t investigate much about making the right career move. More people are interested in watching pranks on YouTube than the videos that teach how to build a website in less than fifty dollars. 

Therefore, if you’ve yet to build your website and you’re planning to buy a new pair of jeans, think again. They cost the same, but the difference is huge. Your jeans won’t have the same value the minute you wear them, but the value your website can provide you with is infinite. 

Most importantly, creating a website is only the beginning 

Your website is never complete. So the most important thing is to keep building it over time. The more content you add to it, and the more you update it, you’re more likely to gain better exposure. Trust me! It can be challenging for your website or your identity to get listed at the top of the results pages initially. But as you start giving it the proper attention on a disciplined routine, it will transform your ways forever. And it doesn’t have to be the leading website of its genre, not even top 100 or top 1000.  

I have seen many failed websites created decades ago. They’re just there without any update, exciting content, or anything that anyone would be fond of. I’ve met many people who had previously created websites and now think that websites are useless. Sadly, they never knew about the next and the most important steps or cared to proceed forward properly. Imagine if they had only tried to run them with tiny updates every day. 

Try Bluehost to build a reasonable and practical website 

If you’re wondering how you can build your own website from scratch, I want you to watch Youtube videos. Many videos offer complete guidance from the ground up when it comes to building a website. If you know a thing or two about domain and hosting, you’ll want to go with Bluehost. At Bluehost, you can create your website for less than a pair of jeans.

Always remember: Bluehost can help you build an effective website at a very reasonable cost, but if you’re not interested in updating, maintaining, and running your website, you better get a pair of Levi’s, which will definitely help keep you in a special place in your circle (at least for some time).   

(Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links to Bluehost, which may provide you with some discount. It won’t harm you a penny in terms of cost, but I’ll get a commission with every subscription, helping me create more helpful content in the future.)

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