These web browsers pay you for surfing the internet

Why do you deserve to be paid for surfing the internet?  

From the surface, it may look like no one seems to benefit from whatever you do online. But if you give it a little more thought, you’ll notice that many parties and complicated transactions are involved in the process of successfully providing you with what you expect from the internet. You actually generate income for a lot of businesses with your online activities. And till a few years back, it made no sense to those involved to even think about sharing a part of the revenue with the users. 

But things are better today. As few companies take the data business to the next level, you can make some beer money by doing what you do daily. New businesses strongly advocating privacy are helping you protect your data and, to the next level, even providing you with a share of the revenue you create on the internet.  

There are quite a few web browsers on the market that can be pretty useful for you in terms of keeping your data out of a third party’s reach as well as making a few extra bucks. In this article, I’d like to highlight some of the best browsers you can benefit from. But, before that, you may want to know why you deserve to be paid for surfing the internet. 

The data business  

It’s the 21st century and data has never been this important. That’s why Big techs, such as Google and Facebook, are often under government and public scrutiny for their acts of making massive transactions out of people’s data. But why do they need your data? I have a simple explanation for this. 

Digital revolution brought with it a highly effective and efficient form of marketing — digital marketing. And with the popularity of online activities, marketing was no longer a one-way communication method. To nail it successfully, however, businesses only needed one thing: the data. 

With every activity you do online, with every form you fill up and every keyword you type on the search bar, you are being noticed, and your personal information is being traded so that businesses can reach you to sell you something. If you dig in even further, questionable things can happen if your personal information is in the wrong hands. Furthermore, most websites plant a transmitter in your system in the form of cookies. Of course, you can argue these things aren’t harmful, but you never know.  Now imagine half of the world’s population is active on the internet. The business behind data is massive. 

You may opt to sell your data, but you deserve a fair share of the transaction. Therefore, I have a list of web browsers that are here to delight you.        

The best web browsers that pay you 


Brave not only saves your data but also pays you for browsing the internet. It offers you either full privacy mode where you can enjoy the ad-free internet, protecting your data entirely, or earning mode where you can choose what ads you prefer and then make money every time you see them. Brave pays you in their own cryptocurrency, which you can convert to your preferred currency with ease. It has even better rewards for creators. Therefore, if you are a creator, I highly recommend you to check it out. 

The only drawback I found with Brave is that it comparatively pays less than its competitors and doesn’t offer many rewards. You can earn around five dollars per month with this browser. But it loads much faster than regular browsers, such as chrome, firefox, or edge.  


Emerging from the UK, Gener8 is one of the closest rivals of Brave. Gener8 offers almost exactly what Brave does, except it pays in gener8 points/coins, which you can’t convert to your preferred currency. But you can check out its marketplace and make transactions with your earned points. After installing the browser and signing up, users can choose between privacy mode and rewards mode. Privacy mode protects your data, while rewards mode lets you select your preference and pay you for watching ads.

Though Gener8 can make you around ten to fifteen dollars worth of points per month, you can only benefit from your earning through its marketplace that unfortunately doesn’t offer anything exciting. But since it’s growing with investments from big names and improving its services, the users may see better offers in the future.

If you think crypto is the future of worldwide transactions, this web browser might excite you. 

Netbox is an entire ecosystem that provides users with everything the internet offers without making it possible for third parties to track their activity. Netbox claims it’s the first decentralized web browser with an integrated blockchain node. It Includes its own wallet: Netbox.Wallet, credited with rewards for browser usage! Every time you use the Netbox browser, it generates crypto for you.

With Netbox, you don’t even have to watch the ads to earn.  

Additionally, Netbox allows you to connect with crypto transactions. It also feeds you with daily crypto news and activities, helping you make an informed decision if you’re thinking about investing in cryptocurrency. Apart from all these, Netbox also offers blockchain games, DAPP stores, crypto rates toolbar, decentralized lottery, and multi-currency crypto wallet. The best part, however, is that the value of Netbox coins is going up daily.

Netbox is currently offering free 20 Netbox coins for every download. You might want to check it out by clicking this link.

Crypto Tab

Crypto tab is a web browser that mines Bitcoin for you. It earns you Bitcoin every second it’s in use. Therefore, if you’re a crypto believer, you can benefit from this browser. But since it mines bitcoin through a traditional mining process, it may use up a massive amount of power that can, in some cases, cost you more than what you earn. Nevertheless, if you have a big circle of crypto-mining enthusiasts, you can generate a good amount of Bitcoin in the long run. 

The Crypto tab has a referral program that allows you to grow your network and multiply your benefits with every referred download. However, if you are interested in mining Bitcoin on your own while browsing the internet, good luck saving Bitcoins worth around five dollars on your wallet every month. Download the crypto tab here.   

So here are my best picks based on my experience of testing multiple money-making browsers for a few months. All chrome extensions work perfectly with these browsers. What do you think is missing based on your knowledge? Don’t hesitate to comment below. 

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