Another Legit website that trains you and provides you with unlimited micro tasks

Earn up to 700 dollars a month working part-time from home with this website

When I suggested to fresh freelancers why they should choose micro-jobs at the beginning in one of my previous articles, some readers mistakenly believed I was falsely advising young freelancers that micro jobs will lead them to prosperity. Well, that wasn’t what I meant. Micro jobs will not make you rich in almost all cases. But they can help you pay your bills and sustain your life while you plan for your future, learning a new skill and aiming for high-paying roles. But, of course, it also depends on where you live too. 

Earning five hundred dollars a month may not be exciting in the west, but if you’re living on food stamps and making nothing, it at least offers you some money to pay your bills. It may not help you move out of your parent’s basement and take you to places on vacation, but it will provide you with some funds to run your life. On the other hand, most micro-jobs from the internet offer way better than what most companies offer to even mid-level employees in most developing countries. I’ve heard stories of people working for ten hours every day, six days a week, in call centers for just hundred and fifty dollars a month. Micro jobs are certainly better deals for such people; definitely more rewarding and less exploiting. Furthermore, five hundred dollars is worth much more in most of the developing world where living expenses are pretty low compared to the rich nations.

Well, that’s enough of an explanation 🙂 

Anyways, this post aims to inform you about another legit website that’ll help you make some money regularly. It’s Remotasks. What’s more interesting about this platform is that it also offers you an opportunity to learn new skills for free. 

If you’re not already aware of it, I’m here to tell you what it is, how it works, and how you can make some money with it from the comfort of your couch. 

Every day, millions of people on the internet search ‘how to earn online in 2021’ and end up on websites and blogs that provide them with same old information and try to sell them their courses. It’s because these websites know all the details of digital marketing. They know how to appear on the top of search engine results page. But once you end up there, you only find vague information that neither suggests you specific websites that pay you nor guides you to clear ways and steps of earning online. This article aims to guide you through genuine ways of earning from a website without seeking business from you in return.

Let’s begin 

Is legit?

It absolutely is. It also provides an unlimited supply of microtasks. But how much you’ll make out of this platform totally depends on your skill set and how you improve your productivity over time. Additionally, you don’t have to apply for any task, but you may need to complete special training to take on some of these micro-jobs. Another great thing about this website is that It pays you on a weekly basis — just input your Paypal id on the payment details of your profile. 

How is Remotasks different from similar platforms? 

Remotask is a bit different from other similar platforms as most of the (micro) tasks it offers are not ordinary jobs, such as watching videos or participating in surveys. Therefore, you need to possess some sort of skill to complete the tasks like 2D and 3D image annotation and transcription successfully. But don’t worry! They provide you with the proper training, so you’ll be able to take care of the jobs after you understand the instructions perfectly.  

Why will Remotasks never run out of micro jobs? 

Remotasks works with a wide range of partners from industries that are in high demand and require millions of regular updates every minute. One of their major partners are companies from the artificial intelligence sector.

Thanks to the enormous human contribution worldwide, artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced every day. However, without the proper human input, AI would never be this advanced today. As it’s on its way to becoming even better in the future, the sector needs even more contribution from more humans. For instance, without a human manually labeling objects during the programming phase, AI will not identify any object from the real environment. 

Small human inputs in the form of micro-tasks are essential to guide automation in the right direction. But there are millions of works to be done in a limited period. Therefore, there’s always more work in the Remotasks than there are people to complete them. 

Do I need some sort of skill to complete a Remotasks job? 

Yes, you may need some particular skills to be able to make money from Remotasks. But once you sign up, you’ll be provided with the proper training you need. They don’t offer jobs unless you’ve completed the training. It’s incredible in the sense that you’re not only making money from the website but learning skills that’ll be useful to you forever.  

How do I get started? 

Just sign up, get trained, and start earning. As simple as that! Nothing more, nothing less. 

The best part is that you can actually progress and achieve better on this platform. Once you start making money from more straightforward tasks, you’ll want to complete more complex jobs for better rewards. So, you’ll learn more advanced skills and start earning better. Of course, you can make a good amount of money from more challenging tasks, but it’s always better to start from the bottom. 

So don’t jump in to nail the tasks that you have no idea about. Though you are trained to complete them, there’s no way you’ll finish them effectively if you don’t learn the basics from the simpler tasks. Instead, begin with ordinary tasks to figure out how they support automation work. Then upgrade your skills, and earn better by finishing more advanced tasks in the future.     

The links that I have provided throughout the article may offer you your first ten dollars (bonus) for signing up if you’re one of the first hundred people to click on it. So look out for that.   

Happy working from home!

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