If You Know Graphic Designing, You Should Seriously Consider Print-on-demand Business

Do you know someone who doesn’t practically do anything but still manages to earn $100k plus a year? I know someone who does. And it totally took me by surprise when I figured out that one of my old friends who I had once labeled lazy, a lazy ass who would sit on his couch all day and do design and illustration stuff, was the one doing it. 

But it’s only been a few years since he’s started earning that crazy amount. 

The story of this freelance veteran who figured out a lucrative industry late in his career when he was about to give up inspired me to write this article.

Graphic designing is a unique skill very few people possess. But that doesn’t mean every designer can land a high-paying job once they turn pro. Let’s face the truth here: with the rising demand for designers, the competition is also rising. Any young designer can offer your employer a better deal and replace you at any time because as long as you are a resource (human resource), your contribution will always be measured in terms of efficiency. 

But let’s not be that pessimistic and assume that there are good leaders out there who do not mind treating you well and paying what you deserve. However, I bet you’ll trade your employment with entrepreneurship if given half a chance and half the money, just for the freedom that you never valued in your youth. Remember, you’re a designer, and not many people can do your job. So what happens when you invest your skills in the right place? You’ll start making a crazy amount right off the bat.     

The friend of mine I mentioned earlier traded his freelance designer career with print on demand business two years ago. He doesn’t want to look back now because he is earning this crazy amount by only working for three to four hours a day, mostly four days a week. And I don’t want you to look back too. So this article aims to enlighten you about print on demand business and how you can start it without investing anything but your creativity. 

Even if you’re not a pro designer, you have Canva where you can create cool graphics without any software knowledge. So let’s begin with the basics. 

What is Print-on-demand?

Print-on-demand is basically an eCommerce model where you digitally customize products and sell them on a per-order basis through your online store. For instance, you can create white label products, such as t-shirts, handbags, and gift items with your own design and sell them as your brand. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a single cent until you sell your product. 

So to start this business, you first open an account on a POD platform, create your product with your creative design, and make them available for sale without worrying about the manufacturing, printing, and distribution process. It’s as simple as that. And there are numerous platforms on the internet that provide you with these services without charging anything.   

Most importantly, you may want to remember that the printing company will only use your design on products that your customer requests. Because POD firms do not print ahead of time, no printing is done. Print on demand is sometimes known as on-demand printing because of this.

How does it work?

POD is a lot similar to dropshipping. You create an online store with your ideas and then market them. When a customer puts an order, it is sent to the print-on-demand provider, who stores, prints, and distributes your products to your customers. As a result, this business model eliminates the need to maintain a physical inventory of your items.

You may also want to know how your possible buyers can find your products so that they sell. Well, you may not have to worry that much as these platforms promote their sellers reasonably. But come on! Give yourself an hour a day and gain practical digital marketing knowledge for free within a week. You’re not that lazy, are you?  

List of a few Print on Demand websites you may want to check out

I do not discourage if you want to invest in your POD business though you don’t need to pay to set up your store on most of the websites above. It’s because you have better chances to grow your reach with every single dollar your spend.

If you don’t do graphic design, please learn how to do it. You can learn to create cool designs with Canva within weeks, but I recommend you learn the basics of designing on proper designing software. But if you are a designer, please please take action right away. At least, keep it as a side hustle. You will not regret it. I promise!   

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