Learn cool new skills and earn crypto with this website

If you’re thinking about starting a side-hustle, there are many ways you can do it. You can either become a freelancer with the skills you have, start a print-on-demand business, or create your website and begin selling services that you’re good at. However, for whatever you do, you need some skills to build a solid future-proof path in the right direction unless you’re happy doing micro-jobs that require no or minimal skills.   

Well, it’s not just about how to make money online but more about building a future-proof way to make a comfortable living. Therefore, you must be equipped with the right tools that help you earn that freedom for the rest of your life. By saying right tools, having a skill that sells is essential. Then, you should learn how to market your skills. Therefore, finding the crowd that pays you for those skills is the next crucial thing. You have to find your niche for the right skills and the audience before trying out anything that sounds productive. 

Don’t worry, you can learn any skill for free on the internet these days. And that’s how you can find your niche and audience. 

If you are interested in the crypto world, I have a piece of good news for you! 

I recently subscribed to the newsletter of 1729.com, and you won’t believe the opportunities it opens for people who want to learn cool stuff and make a career in the crypto industry. So whether you are a writer that wants to blog about the latest crypto affairs or a coding enthusiast seeking a career in crypto programming, this is the website you do not want to miss.   

However, you should note that this is not a website that offers freelance gigs. The way it works is a bit different. It provides you with bitcoin bounties for tasks and tutorials you commit to. Therefore, this website actually helps you build a long-term career by incorporating the crypto world into your services. 

If you’re seeking a career in blogging and crypto is a niche, you can build a solid portfolio with 1729.com. Furthermore, if you can write exceptional pieces of articles, it’ll pay you a good amount. 

How does it work? 

All you have to do is subscribe to its newsletter. It will then email you exciting tutorials and tasks. Most tasks are about writing reviews and articles about the latest developments in the crypto and tech world. If you’re a writer, you have all the advantages. It offers topics you may want to write about and also asks you to join the competition it runs if you want to make some cash out of it. Since it provides you with all the latest news of the crypto world that you should be writing about, you’ll save hours that you’ll otherwise invest in researching attractive headlines. You can publish it on your website or blog. But the best part is that your blog can compete to make some money.

Additionally, it also pays you for learning a new skill and finishing tutorials. So if you can manage some time to learn some coding and put it into practice, they’ll likely pay you for doing so. 

Why wouldn’t anyone want to learn some coding skills and get paid for them? I certainly do.

So if you’re a Crypto enthusiast, Just visit 1729.com and subscribe to its newsletter. It will then tell you how you can drive your YOLO career in the right direction.  

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