Why You Might Want To Own A Mechanical Keyboard

You’re probably aware of the exploding popularity of mechanical keyboards in recent years. But have you ever thought about getting one for yourself? Most probably not. It’s because most computers come with their own set of keyboards, and partly because you’re still unaware of this tool’s experience and how it can positively contribute to your daily output. 

It’s been exactly a year since I’m using a mechanical keyboard. However, when I first bought it, I had no idea why I opted to use a mechanical keyboard to type. And I had no special expectation from it other than owning a fancy tool to look cool, to be honest. But today, the story is quite different. I had no idea how a simple experience would make my work life even more exciting.   

If you’re someone who types, edits, or games regularly, a keyboard may mean much more to you than just a typing tool. So why not take your everyday experience of interacting with the keyboard to the next level. But you may ask how it’s even possible. Well, maybe by owning a mechanical keyboard. 

This article is for you if you like adding cool flavors to your professional life constantly. So allow me to assist you with mechanical keyboards.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

There are basically two main types of keyboards: membrane keyboards (or the standard keyboards) and mechanical keyboards. The primary difference between these two types of keyboards is in how the switches work. 

Membrane keyboards have a rubber layer underneath the key switches, and pressing on the switches activates the keys. Meanwhile, mechanical keyboards have a physical plastic switch underneath each key. These switches include multiple moving parts, including a hard plastic “stem” with two metal contacts and a spring beneath. When you press a key, the stem pulls the spring down, connecting the two metal contacts and registering your key press to the keyboard’s electronics, and hence to your computer. 

Benefits of A Mechanical Keyboard Over A Regular Keyboard

If you are a regular mechanical keyboard user, you’ll not want to switch back to a membrane keyboard (like me) since a mechanical keyboard has numerous benefits over standard keyboards. 

The first benefit of a mechanical keyboard is that it lasts way longer than a membrane keyboard (which I’m yet to figure out). For instance, even a five-year-old mechanical keyboard will feel the same as a new one. Secondly, you can customize it the way you want. You have numerous customization options with every mechanical keyboard. For example, you can replace the keycaps, switches, or springs according to your preferences.  

However, the most important benefit of a mechanical keyboard is that it’s a lot more enjoyable to use since it provides you with the best keyboarding experience. For instance, if you’re someone who types thousands of words every day, a mechanical keyboard can make a world of difference to your daily routine. Imagine typing flawlessly without bothering if every word you type is registered. Also, the excellent clicking sound it makes so you know your flow. 

Additionally, if you spend a considerable time gaming, you might want to consider a mechanical keyboard.

You May Want To Know What Type Fits You Before Opting To Own A Mechanical Keyboard

There are different types of mechanical keyboards. But it’s essential to know if each type fits your preference before getting one. One of the most important features of mechanical keyboards is the switches. Mechanical keyboards commonly have three types of switches that offer three different experiences.  

  • Clicky switches have the most audible and tactile feedback, so your brain automatically registers that a key is pressed. Additionally, you don’t have to push these switches all way to the bottom to register a key. Therefore, clicky switches are considered best for typing. 
  • Linear switches don’t provide you with any feedback. They are smooth and considered best for gaming. 
  • Tactical switches are middle-ground switches that deliver a bit of smooth feeling as well as a slight tactile bump.  

And finally

You may argue why you would need an expensive mechanical keyboard when your regular membrane keyboard keeps the ability to do the same task. However, while we can’t deny that a membrane keyboard can do what it’s supposed to do, there’s more to a keyboard than just its function.    

Tiny little regular experiences that we don’t often care about can positively or negatively affect our lives, and there’s a reason why we automatically choose better things over poor ones. For instance, we opt for better screen resolution over an average one, advanced graphics over entry-level graphics, or apps with a better user experience over horrible ones. For many of us, a keyboard is an essential tool that we use every day. So why not make it look, feel and sound exactly the way we want it to? 

Mechanical keyboards can take your experiences to the next level, leading to better productivity. Additionally, these highly customizable tools can add excitement to your life by promoting your self-expression. So why not add a bit of upbeat flavor to your life?

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