Book Description

Having guided life through surreal challenges, Rammaya had been a strong woman all her life, but now she is too old to resist the mighty young leader, Uddhav, who is on a mission to clean her up from the street. With his new approach to positively contribute to society, Uddhav is making more enemies than ever, including his longtime partner Dogey – a well-settled gangster. Jay is under career-threatening pressure, for the administration has ordered him to solve the most politicised crime of his career at any cost and investigate the frustrated young boy who had attacked Uddhav at the same time. The young journalist, Ram, finds a glittering career in bias journalism, so he follows every move of Uddhav. Everyone is after “the shortcut-solution” but someone is to be sacrificed for someone to succeed in the land where no one wants to stay. The question is, how?