Short Stories

Golden Kattu: A Satire Story

If I have to say honestly, Only less than five per cent of people I know from around the world like politicians in general. Even in the richest countries, most people from all generations hate politicians and blame them for the problems they can fix themselves. Every audience from every generation has been cheering comedians […]


Age Of The Hypocrites

Being granted to live in the free land was like a dream come true for the middle-aged couple. They had travelled thousands of miles on foot with their teen children in the hope of a better life. Even the refugee camp where they spend about three weeks on the border of the free republic offered […]


The defeated warrior

Photo by Holly Mindrup on Unsplash Winter of 1994, Kathmandu “You lost everything, old man. The people who taught you to fight for your rights have now disappeared. They have leveled up their status, and would not come back to help you. Now you don’t even have a son left to look after you at this age.” “You […]