One Thousand Blatant Dreams

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As a successful leader in his mid-forties, Uddhav has been playing by the dirty rules of politics. But when he considers using his chair for better, he makes more enemies than ever. All he wants to do is arrange the messed-up street to become the least-hated leader in the country… know more

Book Description

Having guided life through surreal challenges, Rammaya had been a strong woman all her life, but she is too old to resist the mighty young leader, Uddhav, who is on a mission to clean her up from the street. With his new approach to positively contribute to society, Uddhav… read more

What Made Me Write A Political Fiction

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“Power corrupts people, and absolute power corrupts people absolutely.” It’s an old saying we all have been hearing for a long time and even experiencing in various ways. It doesn’t matter where you are from, almost every powerful person out there in the world is corrupt, one way or another… read more