Know The Characters


As a successful leader in his mid-forties, Uddhav has been playing by the dirty rules of politics. But when he considers using his chair for better, he makes more enemies than ever. All he wants to do is arrange the messed-up street to become the least-hated leader in the country.


Jay has been serving the corrupt police force as the inspector for twelve years. Having no connection and seeing no sign of progress in his career, he plans for a safe exit to the first world. But he needs to solve the most politicised crime of his career and make his hands dirty before leaving everything behind.


Born an untouchable, Rammaya is still an immigrant in the city after four decades of her residence. She has been a strong woman all her life, but all her loved ones have vanished when she needs them the most. She has been making a living illegally in the street in her seventies. She fears she’ll lose her final battle for survival.


A frustrated young man in his early twenties. Rinjin’s only aim in his life is to leave the country. But a horrible mistake lands him behind bars where he gets to know the dirty secrets of the administration.


Mangaley had rescued and married Rammaya decades ago. He has been a porter all his life to providing for his family. His only aim is to educate his only son and pass the elderly life without struggles.


Dogey has established himself as a feared gangster, partnering with politicians for a long time. But since his longtime partner in crime has betrayed him, his career is plummeting. He decides to take a desperate measure to stay in the game.


Having worked for the number one media company of the country for a few months, Ram knows well that journalism is nothing more than a business. He seeks a glittering career in provocative news, so he follows the young leader who is up to something.


An acquaintance of Rammaya. Lalita wants to settle down with her rich boyfriend to break free from the regular social harassments and struggles of a working-class girl. But her life takes a horrible turn.


Uddhav’s wife and mother of two lovely toddlers, Sabina wants to see her husband succeed. But as he is climbing the stairs of success, he is slipping away from her.


Dhane aims to go for labor works in the middle east. He has helped Rammaya make a living in the street.


Son of a crazy rich man, Sirish is also the best friend of Rinjin. He is one of the believers who believe no one needs to run away from the country to make a better living.


The dishonest son of Rammaya and Mangaley, who abandons his uneducated and uncivilized parents out of embarrassment.


Small time thug from the street. Fuchhey’s profile perfectly matches the fictional criminal created by the Police.


A corrupt Police officer and Jay’s senior. If he doesn’t solve the most politicised case of the time, his career is over.


Disappeared two decades ago, Arni surprisingly meets Uddhav one day to explain the surreal experiences of his life.


A high-tempered junior officer and the interrogation expert. His job is to make the suspect confess at all cost.


Dogey’s right hand, who grows together with Dogey in the crime world.


A survivor from the street and an acquaintance of Rammaya. Min has been making a living selling books in the sidewalk.


The personal assistant of Uddhav, who is frustrated with the political game responsible for pushing the country farther behind.

Mr. Adhikari

Uddhav’s uncle and a senior police officer. He has been helping his nephew since he got involved in the politics.


Abusive ex-husband of Rammaya. The pair was forced married when Rammaya was a child.

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