Golden Kattu: A Satire Story

If I have to say honestly, Only less than five per cent of people I know from around the world like politicians in general. Even in the richest countries, most people from all generations hate politicians and blame them for the problems they can fix themselves. Every audience from every generation has been cheering comedians who roast politicians, whether it be George Calin or Bill Burr.

But we don’t need to invent problems in the third world. Whenever I observe political debates from the west, it feels like people are inventing problems to curse politicians – the problems that actually exist in the other part of the world. When people from the third world are fighting for the freedom of speech, some people from the west are advocating to shut contradictory speech. But, it’s just about the different problems people have from different parts of the world.

We hate politicians the same way here, and we fully utilise the recently earned freedom of speech in cussing at them. But you can’t do anything else since it’s you who elected them to run your place. But you can at least create a satire story about their origin.

In 2017, I came up with an idea about the origin of our leaders – on why they are so corrupt, and why they so shamelessly misuse power. I did a little animation of the story on FlipaClip.

Now I felt like sharing it again. It’s an entry-level animation, but I hope you’ll enjoy it. (p.s. Kattu means Underwear)

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